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What are the Benefits of Medical Marijuana for seniors

Here’s how marijuana can help your grandpa stay healthy. Fragile bones, insomnia, poor memory, and eating disorders are common as a person ages. While there are several medications and multiple therapies available to treat those elderly problems, marijuana has become an effective alternative to these medications. Image Source ( According to one study, 80% of […]

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Marijuana is Attracting Industry Giants for Investment

From NFL player, Tobacco Company to alcohol brand, everyone is busy investing in cannabis to capitalize on the booming marijuana market. The marijuana industry has thrived a lot over the years. It is a $ 60 billion industry. And it generates more revenue than the combined revenue of McDonald, Netflix, donuts, and guns. According to […]

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3 Delicious Cannabis Recipes You Can Make Today

  1. CANNABIS BUTTER OR CANNABUTTER:  What You Need… 1 Cup of Butter 1 Cup of Ground Cannabis Before starting with the process, you are required to “decarb” the cannabis flower you have. This is important to make potent and active cannabis-infused butter.   Image Source Here’s why: Cannabis buds release a non-intoxicating acidic cannabinoid […]

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Role of CBD in Losing Weight

On the basis of several scientific studies, CBD can be a key compound when it comes to weight loss. CBD or cannabinoids is one of the active marijuana compounds. Many studies have confirmed that CBD can be a promising treatment for several health conditions like pain, inflammation, insomnia and appetite. It works by binding with […]

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Advertising for Marijuana: Is it So Easy?

Weed industry is on the boom, thanks to the legalization and changed perception towards marijuana. Marijuana can indeed sell itself, especially in the recreational markets like Oregon and Colorado. Word of mouths can boost the sale. Why there is a need to advertise it? Given that it is the fastest growing industry, entrepreneurs need a […]

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