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Advertising for Marijuana: Is it So Easy?

Weed industry is on the boom, thanks to the legalization and changed perception towards marijuana.

Marijuana can indeed sell itself, especially in the recreational markets like Oregon and Colorado. Word of mouths can boost the sale. Why there is a need to advertise it?

Advertising for Marijuana

Given that it is the fastest growing industry, entrepreneurs need a competitive edge due to the mushroom growth of dispensaries and weed vendors. This is why they will look for professional ad agency or marketers to promote their weed brand.

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However, advertising for marijuana is still tricky. The laws to market weed are still unclear and strict as well. Several states have issued tangled rules regarding the advertising of weed.

1. Restrictions Imposed By the States:

For example, California state requires weed advertising to be broadcast only to the area where 71.6 percent of the audience is reasonably expected to be 21-years of age or older. In Colorado, weed advertising should not be targeted at people living outside the state of Colorado. Besides, pop-up advertising on the internet is banned. The state of Connecticut has prohibited the false statements or claims during the adverting of weed. A dispensary in Hawaii is not allowed to showcase marijuana products in windows for public view.

 2. Internet Advertising:

Internet advertising for weed comes with its own challenges, thanks to the Controlled Substance Act that prohibits any advertisement associated with the sale of a Schedule I substance, such as cannabis. It simply makes cannabis advertising illegal. Top of that, social media channels have specific policy regarding content associated with cannabis.

 3. Radio and Television Ads:

Restrictions are also imposed on TV and Radio cannabis advertisement. Though the cannabis ad is not banned on these mediums, radio and TV are scrutinizing at the time of annual license renewal.

 4. Mail Advertisements:

Even traditional mailing is problematic for marijuana marketers. The U.S. Postal Service as a federal agency strictly prohibits the advertisement of Schedule I substance like cannabis. The USPS has cleared that it would first notify the sender that the material couldn’t be sent. Despite this, the materials may be reported to the local inspection services or police if the mailer still insists upon the materials being delivered.

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There are many ways in which cannabis can be advertised and promoted.

  • See if local publication or journal can allow you to place ads. Make sure they stay local and don’t go off the state lines.
  • A satellite radio is not the subject to the restriction like its traditional counterpart. Cannabis ad can be broadcast on satellite radio.
  • Promote your brand instead of promoting weed. For example, you can sell the merchandise t-shirts carrying the name and logo of your company.
  • Approach appropriate websites for the placement of your ad.
  • Don’t make false claims in your advertisement.

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Bottom Line:

Advertising marijuana is not easy due to the confusing state law. However, there is a ray of hope in the form of local publication, digital radio, and merchandise items. We would be glad to receive your take on this piece.