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Best Cannabis Strains for Parties

Cannabis can take your celebrations to the next level. It can turn you into an engaging and confident host. It will help your introvert guests open up. All you need to choose some effective marijuana strains. And here we have rounded up such strains for your parties.

Best Cannabis Strains for Parties



Chocolope belongs to sativa category.

You will get the earthy and sweet coffee flavor that creates a dreamy, celestial effect. Nowonder why it is known as the party strain. It is great for the shy party attendants who are not much into socialization. Getting a few puffs will help them come out of their comfort zone.


This strain is great for the dinner parties.

It is an effective strain for getting everyone in a good mood for an in-depth conversation. Maybe you want to try it for your book club parties or in the gathering of some intellectual minds.

It is a hybrid marijuana strain that is a cross of White Widow and AK 47.

You can reach as high as 25 %, helping you reach into a euphoric state. The strain also calms down the nerves to help you feel relaxed. Last but not least—it is also known to minimize pain resulted from migraine headaches.

Although some people reported being drowsy after consuming white Russian, it is an energetic strain that adds to your happiness and creativity as well.


Belonging to the hybrid category, blue diesel is associated with the Blueberry and NYC Diesel strain. It is known for its great taste and moderate buzz that lasts long.

A berry aroma and smooth smoke come from its Blueberry strain. The best time to use it is a daytime social gathering as you feel more relax without feeling drowsiness. You will be ready for conversation as long as the high lasts. Its THC strength ranges from 16% to 23%. Be careful as the strain has a quick effect.


Orange bud is not strong compared to the today’s marijuana strains. It is a great strain for a nervous partyhost as it provides the mild uplifting sensation that slowly activates over the course of a few hours. It not only relaxes but also energizes. It means that it turns you into an engaging party host.


Blueberry headband belongs to an indica dominant category with the ranges of THC content between 10% and 20%. Consuming this strain will make you high within minutes.

It is popular as a mood enhancer strain, making it ideal for extrovert partygoers. Make sure to start with the lower THC version to determine how you react. Otherwise, you may feel so high that it won’t go well with your social situations.


This dominate hybrid is a native to Amsterdam. This is a cross of Tangerine Dream and California Orange with the essence of a Skunk hybrid. Its citrus taste can be felt in its revitalizing aroma. The best strain to try in your cocktail parties!

The THC level can go up to 22% which is why it is only meant for the experienced smoker. The strain delivers a wonderful aroma that makes you relaxed followed by an immediate euphoric buzz. It quickly uplifts the spirits, encouraging you to mix up with the guests.

So these are some popular cannabis strains for parties. With a right strain, you feel energized, social and top of the world. Make sure to buy the right quality strain from an authorized dispensary like OC3. Don’t go overboard with the consumption of these strains.