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The study on cannabis indicates the likelihood that it can be useful in the management of neuropathic pain, spasticity due to multiple sclerosis, and possibly other indications. Such studies have helped to heal its stigmatized image of smoking that might be the only thing stopping some people from trying cannabis, even if they live in a state with legal marijuana.


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No doubt, Cannabis is great, but there are number of ways that have evolved over the years to get it into your bloodstream. Lots of different ways, combined with a plethora of different devices makes it confusing on how to consume cannabis effectively.


Although this technology is relatively new when compared to other methods, Vaporizing is one of the favorite choices of health-conscious consumers because consuming cannabis using this method allows the consumer to choose the temperature in which they essentially cook their marijuana.

You don’t need a lighter to extract full benefits from the cannabis; rather its chemical compounds vaporize at a much lower and less harmful temperature. The vapor is much easier on the lungs and you can choose from a variety of vaporizers if you are interested in the smokeless form of cannabis consumption. Moreover, it can help you to get rid of any cigarette-related habits.


A joint was one the first ways that weed was ever smoked and of all the ways to smoke cannabis, joints are surely the cheapest method. On the outside, a joint is rolled in some form of paper. But it is not just a piece of paper torn from the notebook. Smoking papers are usually made out of wood pulp, rice, or even hemp. To keep them from burning quickly like regular paper, they are often glossy to some degree.

One of the benefits of using joint is that you can smoke it using only a single hand. However, if you intend to use joint as a method to smoke cannabis, it is advised to learn how to roll a nice joint.

Gravity Bong

When a bit of water is added to the smoking process, everything tastes better. The smoke becomes cooler, hitting easily in the lungs. Bongs and especially gravity bongs are the most popular methods for consuming cannabis via apparatus, using ordinary household objects.

Gravity bongs are usually of following two types:

  • The bucket gravity bong
  • The waterfall gravity bong

You can easily develop your own gravity bong using 2-liter bottle and a container that is much bigger. A container can be a bucket or it can also be your kitchen sink.

  • From the bottom, cut a little less than half of the bottle.
  • Insert it into the larger reservoir of water.
  • Use cap of the 2-liter bottle as a bowl.
  • Pack and light the bowl while at the same time slowly lifting up on the bottle trapping all of the smoke inside.

Apple Pi-Pe

The convenience of this method makes it one of the popular ways to smoke weed. If someday you get stuck without papers or pipe, you should give homemade bowl from apple a chance, only if you have got a lighter and cannabis.

To make an apple pipe, follow the following steps:

  • Grab an apple and twist off the apple’s stem.
  • Carve a bowl on the top.
  • Make a hole inside of the apple so that you have a place to fit your mouth.
  • Make sure you dry the bowl before smoking the cannabis.

There are variety of quality, lab tested cannabis available in a number of the medicinal cannabis dispensary that can help you to live the life to the fullest.