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However, it can’t be denied that these sleeping pills cause unpleasant effects like constipation, poor appetite, burning sensation, dry mouth or throat, dizziness, etc. Even worse, some studies have found that these pills may put you to sleep for good—meaning that they can cost life.

No wonder that people are looking for alternative yet safe remedies like marijuana.

Can marijuana help you fall asleep?

Many studies conducted over the years have found that marijuana eases sleeping.

 marijuana help you fall asleep

Here’s How Marijuana Helps You Fall Asleep!

Marijuana or cannabis includes the chemicals compound known as cannabinoids. They bind with the human body’s chemicals that are responsible for sleep, appetite, pain relief, relaxation and other functions. Simply put, marijuana’s chemical supports biological system to carry out important functions. In fact, there are many cannabis based sleeping pills like Nabilone, Marinol and Dronabinol.

Here are some points how marijuana improves your sleep patterns….

It Relieves Stress, Anxiety and Other Bothering Psychological Factors:

Anxiety, stress, depression, bipolar disorder, trauma, worry and grief are some psychological causes that keep people awake. And marijuana helps relieve these root causes of insomnia. It promotes relaxation as it lifts the mood by increasing serotonin or happy hormones in the brain.

It Helps You Get Longer Sleep:

Many studies have confirmed that THC or CBD found in marijuana can promote increase in overall sleep. Some of these studies have found that dose of marijuana (THC form) can increase the amount of time spent sleeping.

It Promotes Deep Sleep:

According to some studies, THC can promote slow wave sleep or deep sleep being experienced by a user during their snoozing mode.

It Improves Your Breathing:

Sometimes disrupted breathing during sleep can keep you awake. This condition is known as sleep apnea which has been linked to heart problems and diabetes. Some studies believe that marijuana can improve this medical condition. Marijuana based medication like Dronabinolhas been found effective in increasing airway muscle tone.

So this is how marijuana is a promising remedy to minimize your sleeping problems. However, it is important to use it according to your physician’s instructions. Make sure to buy it from an authorized medical marijuana dispensary.

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