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Cannabis for Cancer Cure: Does it Really Work?

Learn here how marijuana helps manage the horrible signs of cancer and side-effects of its chemotherapy as well.

Did you know? 1,685,210 new cases of cancer are diagnosed in the USA every year. Even worse, 595,690 people die from cancer every year in the USA. The number of cancer patients is expected to rise to almost 19 million by 2024. No wonder that it is the second largest cause of death in the nation. Although cancer is still a life threating disease, most cancer types are curable if they are detected in earlier stages.

Cannabis for Cancer Cure

Cancer patientsexperiencelife disturbing signspain, nausea, tiredness, fertility issue, mouth and throat problems and infection. It leads to emotional distress as a patient is possessed by the fear of death and frustration as well. This way, cancer affects the patient both physically and mentally. Even the treatments of cancer like chemotherapy have the same side effects.

Cannabis—Can It Be a New Ray of Hope for Cancer Patients?

Over the years, many alternative cancer treatments (being hyped as holistic treatments) have been put into the practice. The aim of this alternative treatment is to help relieve cancer symptoms and improve patient’s quality of life. Though they are not prescribed by a doctor, many people practice them to seek improvement in their condition. Some of popular alternative treatments for cancer are Chinese medicine, acupuncture, yoga and hypnosis.

Cannabis or marijuana is counted among such effective alternative cancer treatments for number of reasons.

Also known as weed, hemp, or pot, cannabis is the dried buds and leaves of plant and is generally smoked in cigarette. It is considered illegal drug in most parts of the world and in some US states as well.

Despite being looked as illegal or “immoral drug”, marijuana has been used in several herbal remedies for ages. Many researchers found that marijuana contains biologically active components orcannabinoids like CBD and THC.

These compounds help ease pain, nausea, inflammation and stress disturbing a life of cancer patient.

How Marijuana Can Benefit Cancer Patients?

Marijuana is shown to Kill Cancer Cells:

Several animalstudiesshow that cannabinoids can prevent tumor growth by killing cancer cells or inhibiting cell growth while protecting normal cells. Besides, they check the development of blood vessels supporting tumors to grow.

Stimulating Appetiteamong Cancer Patients:

Loss of appetite is common among cancer patients, leading to eating disorder like anorexia.

And marijuanacan cure this woe too. How?

Our brain has pro-opiomelancortin or POMC neurons which are responsible for appetite stimulation. The POMC neuron also tells the brain to stop eating when we feel “full”. Cannabinoids found in marijuana can stimulate these neurons, thereby helping cancer patients feel like eating.

Easing the Chemotherapy’s Side Effects like Nausea and Pain:

After undergoing chemotherapy, a cancer patient is likely to experience nausea, dizziness and tiredness. Marijuana can ease such side effects resulting from chemotherapy or other cancer treatments, according to

In fact, Dronabinol and Nabilone are two marijuana cannabinoids which are approved by the USA for treating vomiting and nausea caused by cancer chemotherapy.

Giving a Pain Relief:

Cannabinoid receptors have been studied for anti-inflammatory and pain relief throughout the body of animals. These studies have found that cannabinoids can prevent nerve problems like pain, swelling, numbness and tingling caused by chemotherapy.

Easing Depression, Anxiety and Sleep Disorders:

A cancer patient is prone to depression and insomnia due to lifelong pain and side effects of the treatments. Then, a negative outlook towards the disease develops a fear of death in them. Consequently, they experience sheer amount of stress and anxiety, ending up with depression and sleep problems like insomnia. Here marijuana can help. It boosts the production of endocannabinoids in the brain which in turn affects emotions and behavior of a person.

Besides, it relaxes the muscles and eases the tension with its fragrances. THC found in cannabis lowers the time it takes for a patient to fall asleep.

Bottom Line:

Marijuana is a promising treatment when it comes to easing cancer symptoms and side effect resulting from chemotherapy. However, it is extremely important to choose a right quality of weeds to get maximum benefits. At OC3, we sell fine range of licensed medical cannabis in Southern California.