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Different Career Paths in the Marijuana Industry

The ever-growing marijuana industry is heavily contributing to the employment sector by creating thousands of jobs. Check out the list below to find out the job position you can fit into.

The rise of marijuana industry on a large scale has created many job opportunities across the nation. According to one study, the industry can generate one million jobs in the nation. In Colorado, marijuana industry has created 18,000 full-time jobs within one year of legalization in the state. According to RCG Economics and Marijuana Policy Group, legalization of marijuana can create more than 40,000 jobs in Nevada by 2024.

Different Career Paths in the Marijuana Industry

From dispensary to the farming, marijuana industry has a range of career options to offer. Here we have rounded up some of the bright career options in the industry.

 1. Edible Creator:

Marijuana industry welcomes edible creator. There are many variations of the edibles; some of them may not be available at a retail shop or medical dispensary. As such, making edibles can be productive, depending on your skill level and where you live.

 2. Glass Vendor:

The legalization of marijuana has also boosted many associated businesses like bongs, pipes and vape. If you are specialized in making your own glass devices or can sense the marketing scope of handheld vaporizers, you can have a profitable business.

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 3. Courier and Delivery:

This one is no brainer! The legalization of marijuana has resulted in heavy demands among the folks. Many online stores have been set up. Physical stores also cater to the need of marijuana consumers by delivering them the stuff to their place. It clearly means that the industry will require a strong delivery network. You can do this job or set up your own delivery network for the marijuana vendors. The service also benefits the medical marijuana patients who are incapable of visiting the dispensary and get the medications.

 4. Concentrates Processor:

If you have a background in chemistry as well as the experience of handling chemicals and lab equipment, this job is for you. While this field requires extensive skill and knowledge, it can also be potentially dangerous. Products like hash oils, dabs and shatter etc. are noted for their incredibly high concentration and powerful effects on medical marijuana patients. While concentrates can be very lucrative, it’s getting more competitive by the day.

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 5. Consultation:

Many people are not aware of marijuana and its usage. Some of them want to know what kind of marijuana is good for their health. Here comes a marijuana consultant! They guide people and offer valuable insights. Besides, they help businesses or cultivators by helping them in choosing the right product or business areas for expansion and growth.

 6. Farming:

The high demand for marijuana has just opened the way of profits for the cultivators. But it can’t be denied that it is the quite challenging field. This is because the cultivation of marijuana requires time, money and a lot of skills. Moreover, pot farmers have to take care of things like temperature and pests.

So these are some great career options made available by the marijuana industry. Do you have other career choices to tell in this industry?