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Different types of Cannabis seeds

Acceptance of Cannabis is widely debated, but it has also given human beings a medical relief that no one can argue on it. People all over the world have been using cannabis for the recreational purpose also where they aim to achieve the psychotic and psychological manipulations. With due course of time, the support for marijuana has seen a growth in a massive scale. The government has also realized the true nature of cannabis and it is being legalized across the country.

Investors have found a great market in growing Cannabis, and it is being called upon that in the future, Cannabis will be a huge sector. Many large industries are also planning in farming cannabis, and thus that day is not far when the US become the chief exporter of Cannabis.


Types of Cannabis Seeds: 

There are varied types of cannabis that can be found in the market, but briefly, it can be summarised into four groups:

 1. Regular cannabis seeds:

The regular cannabis seeds can bud either a male or a feminine plant or both. Now if you have asked for 10 regular cannabis seeds, for example, it will be very difficult to determine whether the plant is male or feminine. It is when they are cultivated in good circumstances; you most likely end up growing a feminine plant.  Those who have experienced seed collectors, they prefer regular seeds and find it more authentic but if you are new to this then it is advised to go with the feminine seed as they are known to be more straightforward and rewarding as well. Regular seeds need more attention and care like proper lighting and temperature and moreover, in due course of time, it is required to invest time in removing plants and cultivating the female instead.

 2. Feminized cannabis seeds:

It has always been a goal to grow a cannabis plant where 95% of the buds are targeted to be feminine. In the last few years, with an ample amount of researches, it has been a stable option with a wide range of benefits. If you are investing in feminized options, it means that you might germinate more plants in the same site and space as there won’t be any male plants taking an unnecessary room as male plants do not produce buds and are typically burnt or destroyed to make way for more female plants.

If you have limited space and simply do not want to waste time with all the growing male buds, this cannabis is a good choice as the results are rewarding. They also grow faster and produce buds with higher levels of active cannabinoids.

 3. Auto-flowering cannabis seeds:

The crossbreeding gives you Auto-flowering cannabis seeds. When Indica and Sativa are crossed with the ruderalis plant, auto-flowering seeds are found. The cannabis plant can be found in the place where the summers are short. This is the reason that ruderalis plants bloom automatically in a short period of time. Normally it takes around 2 to 3 weeks to bloom. The ruderalis cannabis plant is found mainly in Northern Europe, Russia and neighboring countries like China and Mongolia. The plant is known to contain less THV than Indica and Sativa, and thus it is the main reason it crossed. The result of crossing the ruderalis plant with Indica and Sativa plant is a fast-blooming variant with higher THC value in it.

 4. Medicinal cannabis seeds:

Medical Cannabis, are the feminized plant that is specially cultivated for the medicinal cannabis user. It is also a fact that all cannabis types are appropriate for medicinal use; however, some of the types are more appropriate because they produce much more active substances. Usually, medicinal cannabis is used to cure pain, muscle tensions, bad blood circulation, nausea, spasms, chemotherapy, stress, difficulty in sleeping, loss of appetite, sexual complaints and hormonal complaints.

With the US Government working on the bills to legalize Marijuana in the country, is regarded as the best time to drop in the sales and production of marijuana. Soon stocks will also be in high demand, and you must consider reading the by-laws before reaching a conclusion of growing on a large scale or at a small level.

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