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Here’s How Marijuana Can Cure Cancer, AIDS and Depression

Many studies have established that marijuana can help treat many medical conditions, including AIDS and cancer.

Gone are the days when marijuana was thought as an immoral or illegal drug.It is being looked as an efficient treatment for several health conditions like AIDS, cancer and depression.

Marijuana Can Cure Cancer

Over the years, many scientific studies have established how marijuana can help treat diseases. They studied the efficiency of marijuana in easing the symptoms of a disease, though it hasn’t been accepted as an official medical treatment. It has the potential to replace drugs like painkillers, which adversely affect one’s health. So far, 29 U.S. states have approved marijuana for medicinal use.

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Here we have rounded up the medical conditions that can be treated with cannabis.

Chronic Pain:

The use of marijuana in pain relief has been documented by ancient civilizations like China, Egypt and India. Modern studies have also approved marijuana as an efficient pain killer.

According to several clinical trials conducted in 2015, marijuana can significantly improve the condition of the patients with chronic pain. Another study found that marijuana can lower pain by 30%. Cannabis plant has analgesic properties like CBD and TCH which can ease pain by preventing pain signals from traveling to the central nervous system.


Can marijuana cure cancer? Many researchers found that CBD and THC can eradicate cancer cells without harming healthy cells. has admitted that marijuana can heal post-chemotherapy symptoms like pain, insomnia, poor appetite and nausea, if it can’t cure cancer.


Marijuana boosts endocannabinoids chemicals, which stabilize mood and control pain sensation. Marijuana also eases stress with the substances like terpenes found in its fragrance. For example, lemon fragranced marijuana contains limonene, which lowers anxiety and pain. Perhaps this is why stoners feel good and live in high spirit.


Marijuana can be a ray of hope for people with HIV and AIDS. According to one research, cannabis can lower the HIV/AIDs effects like vomiting, loss of appetite, stress and nausea. Cannabis helps prevent the spreading of HIV virus in the body in advanced stages as claimed by one study. American Academy of Neurology has found that marijuana can ease HIV pain levels. Besides, it is a great appetite stimulator for the patients as found by a 2005 study conducted on over 500 patients. THC found in marijuana can help relieve nausea.


Marijuana also helps you sleep, thanks to its THC content which reduces the time it takes to fall asleep. Besides, it increases the time spent in sleeping. To make the most of marijuana as your sleep aid, consider combining it with other herbals like hops, chamomile and lavender. These herbs have terpenes in higher concentration. For example, you can pair your weed with a cup of chamomile tea or a lavender bath.

This is how marijuana can help treat certain diseases. To maximize its benefits, consider right strain and right dose of marijuana. Make sure to consult your doctor for using marijuana for your treatment. Also check your state policies regarding the use of marijuana. And shop it from authorized shops like OC3 Dispensary.