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How to Choose the Best Quality of Marijuana?

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced marijuana customer, choosing the best quality of weed is still confusing. How do you make sure that you are buying effective marijuana strains? It is noteworthy that even good looking weed may be deceptive.

How to Choose the Best Quality of Marijuana


The quality of marijuana is often determined by the growing conditions, harvesting practices and cultivating methods.

Don’t worry!

This quick guide is here to help you identify high-quality marijuana.

Check the Texture and Appearance:

Generally, the physical traits like texture and appearance tell about the quality of cannabis. A quality weed looks ripe and full. It is not browned or discolored. Good marijuana has more flowers than leaves. Besides, the plant would be dense that takes a while to break apart. Fragile plants may not be of that quality.  One more thing—the weed shouldn’t be affected by mold, mildew or insect.


  • Top shelf flower should be sticky and slightly spongy when you touch or gently squeeze it between the fingers.
  • It shouldn’t be completely dry or likely to crumble when you touch it.
  • Stems shouldn’t be too wet or soft like a cooked noodle. Such buds are prone to mold or mildew.

Know How it is Trimmed:

Marijuana strains can be both hand trimmed and machine trimmed. However, prefer hand trimmed as machine trimming can affect the quality of the weed. Machines are not able to recognize the size, density, and shape of the strains as it takes all them for the same. This often cut off the delicious TRICHOMES that make weed so effective.

Machine trimmed buds generally look the same—like tiny pine trees. Hand trimmed strains are processed by the professional trimmers. They know where and when to trim. They check the quality of each bud’s shape, pondering over the genetic structure and size.

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Smell It:

Quality marijuana has a heavy and pungent aroma—a sign of its potency. However, marijuana which smells like hay or nothing at all shouldn’t be purchased. Not having smell means that it is not treated properly or contains less terpene content.

Look for the Flower Structure:

Appropriately cultivated and treated Sativa flowers look light and fluffy in composition and shape. Indicas strains are likely to be tighter and denser in flower structure. Rock-hard flowers are an indication that cultivators have used chemicals which may affect the taste. Extremely fluffy flowers mean that the plant was not cultivated under sufficient light density.

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So these are the tips to make sure that you have got the best quality of marijuana. The search for high-quality flower shouldn’t be a confusing one. With a sharp eye, even the beginner of cannabis can end up with a great quality of weed. However, your personal taste matters the most.

It is still a concern for some readers as dispensaries often hide or lock away marijuana in the containers. Don’t worry!

You can ask them to show the samples of the marijuana you are going to buy. Besides, inquire about the best strains available in the dispensary.

Key Takeaways:

  • Good marijuana is brightly colored and free from the defects like mold or discoloration.
  • Good marijuana smells good and heavy
  • Look for the hand trimmed marijuana as it is processed by the professionals.
  • A good quality weed looks ripe and full.
  • Don’t purchase too dry or too soft or wet. It should be properly dried.

What do you think? Do you have more ideas to identify the right quality of weed? Please share with us by commenting below. Happy reading!

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