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How to Get Medical Marijuana Card in California?

Having a medical marijuana card or Medical Marijuana Identification Card (MMIC) in California can benefit you in many ways.

Firstly, cardholders can purchase marijuana from licensed dealers across the state. Secondly, the cardholders can legally own the required amount of marijuana as prescribed by the law. Above all, they become eligible for growing marijuana up to 100 square feet for a personal use.

medical marijuana license


Simply put, the card allows the patient or caregiver to own, utilize, and transport medical marijuana.

While the card is not mandatory in California, it can protect the users from getting into legal trouble. Here is how you can apply for medical marijuana card in California…

Contact Local Health Department of Your County in California:

First of all, you are required to apply in person at the local health department of your county. Make sure to call them or check the website for specific information.

(Click Here to Check the Business Hours of the Department in Each County)

Submit the Documents to the Health Department:

Once you are scheduled for appointment, make sure to bring the following document with you.

  • A Copy of Your Prescription and Doctor’s Consent
  • Photo ID like California Driver’s License or Veteran’s Administration ID Card
  • Recent Passport Photos
  • Proof of Residence

(Note: Check the website beforehand or call the concerned officer to know about the specific documents if any.)

Pay the Fee:

The fee for Medical Marijuana varies based on the county you live. Besides, beneficiaries of Medi-Cal are subject to 50% discount in the application fee. However, the fee of medical marijuana card doesn’t exceed $100 or application or renewal.

It Takes Up to 35 Days to Get Your MMIC in California:

Once your application is submitted and followed by its verification, you can get your MMIC within 35 days. The department also lets you know if they require additional documents or the missing one. However, contact the department if you don’t get your MMIC in 35 days.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about California MMIC

What Does MMIC Contain?

  • A Unique ID Number
  • Date of Expiry of the Card
  • Name and Contact Number of the County Program
  • Verification Details
  • User’s Photo
  • Your Status as a Patient or a Caregiver

How Long the Card Can Remain Valid?

Medical marijuana card are valid for one year. You need to re-apply for them for a renewal. A primary caregiver card expires with the card of the patient, even if it doesn’t complete one year from the date it is issued.

Is My Orange County Card Valid Throughout California?

Yes! The state of California runs a statewide program. Therefore, you can use your MMIC to purchase or use marijuana across the state. However, not all states may accept your California MMIC due to their regulations. So make sure to check other state’s marijuana guidelines before using your card over there. And California doesn’t accept MMIC issued by other states.

Can a Minor Get a Medical Marijuana Card in California?

Minors are allowed to apply a card only if they are patients or primary caregiver applies for them.

Where to Buy Medical Marijuana in California?

Once you get a MMIC, make sure to buy medical marijuana from licensed cannabis dispensary only. We are licensed and authorized retailers of medical marijuana in Orange County. Our offerings include fine cannabis edibles and cannabis concentrates that win passionate acclaim from patients. Want to ask anything? Let us know by dropping your comment below to the box or contact us at +1 (714) 754-1348!!!