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Marijuana is Attracting Industry Giants for Investment

From NFL player, Tobacco Company to alcohol brand, everyone is busy investing in cannabis to capitalize on the booming marijuana market.

Marijuana is Attracting Industry Giants for Investment

The marijuana industry has thrived a lot over the years. It is a $ 60 billion industry. And it generates more revenue than the combined revenue of McDonald, Netflix, donuts, and guns.

According to a report published in the Forbes, cannabis companies generated nearly $13.8 billion in 2018 compared to their revenue of $3.5 billion in 2017. Thanks to its legalization in more U.S. states like Oklahoma, Utah, and Michigan. Besides, it has been legalized nationwide in Canada. However, public support has also been one of the driving factors behind the dramatic growth of the marijuana industry. No wonder that investing in the marijuana industry seems a profitable venture for investors.

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Even major beverage and tobacco companies are looking to make inroad in the cannabis market.

 1. Tobacco Giant Altria Gets into Cannabis Business:

Counted among one of the world’s largest tobacco companies, Altria has recently stepped into the cannabis business. The Richmond based firm has teamed up with Cronos Group (CRON), a Canadian cannabis company. If the sources are to be believed, Altria has purchased  45% of stakes in Cronos for nearly $1.8 billion (2.4 billion in Canadian dollars). It is considered as the largest deal in the history of the cannabis industry after Constellation’s $4 billion investment in Canopy Growth.

 2. Constellation’s $4 Billion Bet:

Constellation Brands is one of the topmost producers of premium beer, wine, and spirit. This Fortune 500 Company has recently invested $4 billion in Canadian marijuana company Canopy Growth Corporation. This is the largest deal ever made in the history of the cannabis industry. On this deal, Constellation CEO Rob Sands says—

“Canopy Growth has a seasoned leadership team that understands the legal, regulatory and economic landscape for an emerging market that is predicted to become a significant consumer category in the future. Our company’s success is the result of our focus on identifying early-stage consumer trends, and this is another step in that direction.”

Constellation is expected to sell marijuana beverages in Canada by 2019.

3. Even NFL Star Couldn’t Resist the Temptation:

In January 2019, former football star Joe Montana announced to invest in Calvia, a California based cannabis business. He has invested $75 million in the company citing that the plant has healing properties.  Montana expresses—

“As an investor and supporter, it is my opinion that Calvia’s strong management team will successfully develop and bring to market quality health and wellness products that can provide relief to many people and make a serious impact on opiate use or addiction.”

4. Make Hay While the Sun Shines! Invest in Marijuana Stocks

Given the sharp rise of the marijuana industry, investing in marijuana stocks can be a good opportunity to earn great returns. The annual global cannabis market is expected to reach $150 billion or more within the next 10-15 years.

That’s said, it is important to know how to put your money. Here are the tips to keep in mind before investing in marijuana stocks.

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Know the Industry’s Structure:

Basically, marijuana companies have been categorized into—

  • Marijuana Growers
  • Cannabis Drug Makers
  • Supporting Companies (that provide resources like the site, equipment, packaging, and distribution to the marijuana industry)

Check the Track Record of a Company

Find out About the Company’s Plan for Growth and Expansion. For example, do they want to grow by expansion or just naturally?

Can the Company Survive Tough Competition?

See If the Company is Profitable and Can Be So in the Long Run.

Stay Up to Date with Marijuana News and Analysis

See Which Geographical Markets the Company Targets. Is it the USA or Canada? Each geographical market has a different opportunity and risks.

Look at the Top Marijuana Stocks to Buy in the USA.