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Necessary tips for 1st-time cannabis Smokers

Under the California Uniform Controlled Substances Act, marijuana is classified as a Schedule I hallucinogenic substance. Possession of or up to 28.5 grams of weed is punishable by a fine of $100 unless you have a medical cannabis card. Be a responsible consumer.  

1st-time cannabis Smokers

When we are going to smoke a weed for the first time, there can be a lot to expect from it. Many have claimed that nothing happened to them and it was simply a pot of smoke, and some said it has been the best feeling they ever had in their life. The outcome of smoking cannabis can be climactic or anti-climactic. Can be exciting or scary and in the majority of the cases, it is confusing. To begin with, let us learn what cannabis does to you.

Points to remember while smoking for the 1st time:

  1. Don’t smoke Alone:

It is highly advised that when you are not aware of the effects, no matter how strong willpower you possess, you might need someone around you to avoid things going worse. Keeping someone who knows how much you should smoke at the first go.

 2. Stay Hydrated:

  • Scientific Reasons: Our body also generates cannabis and has its own receptors. They are responsible for the communication and when they take cannabinoids and communicate their benefits to the rest of our body.One part of our bodies that contains cannabinoid receptors is the submandibular gland, which produces most of the saliva in our mouths. It also makes enzymes that help saliva break down starches.

    Now when cannabinoids come in contact with the receptors there, the glands tend to make less saliva and enzymes and thus the mouth gets dry.

    When cannabinoids interact with the receptors there, the submandibular glands make less saliva and enzymes. So, your mouth won’t have as many substances to keep it wet. Therefore, you get a dry mouth.

  • A piece of AdviceStay close to a bottle of water, and usually the first timers fill themselves with gallons of water and later end up puking. Be calm, be in control, try to gulp slowly as the task is to keep the mouth wet and there is absolutely no need to fill your stomach with it.

 3. Smoke the right Procedure:

Many of the first timers claim to have a null effect of the cannabis on them. In the majority of such cases, it was found that they smoked it the wrong way. Since Marijuana it all about messing with THC and receptors of your brain thus they are bound to react.

4. Don’t over think:

Marijuana promises to give you a trip, but you are the one to decide which way you want to go. The happy trip is the most favorable and it is advised don’t take it if you are tired or sleepy as you might miss the entire fun of taking it. Definitely, Marijuana does not make you do non-sense activities and utter meaningless lines from a forgotten album. It depends on which door you choose to open and once you are there, it will take you through it in a swingy cherishing way.   

 5. Choose Your Piece wisely:

Selecting the product you are going get for the night is very important as making sure it’s not toxic or high potency. Medical marijuana dispensaries in Santa Ana though provide one of the most genuine forms of legal cannabis.

 6. Use music:

Music is considered to give the best time. It gives you a new dimension to explore. The idea is to have a good time and nothing can beat the musical trip.

 7. Stay responsible:

Above all, it’s not something that you do once and exhausts the chance to do it again in life. If you want to repeat the fun, repeat the thrill and repeat the drill you would need to keep yourself in control. There is no fun in becoming a headache for others and putting your life and career in jeopardy.

The US is celebrating the legality of Cannabis and many industries are joining the race to grow the best cannabis in the country. Have a nice evening with your joint and feel the THCs in your brain.