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Need of medical marijuana training for dispensary agents

The trend of Cannabis Dispensary is rising since the birth of San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club in 1992, the first public marijuana dispensary in the United States and the same can be evident from the following Google Trend:

Need of medical marijuana training - 1The medical cannabis dispensary’s trend is most popular in the California State of USA so one can find many medical cannabis shops in California but it is highly important for dispensary agents to get a proper training before selling cannabis to patients.

In 1998, DEA Chief Administrative Law Judge Francis L. Young issued a ruling in the matter of Marijuana Rescheduling Petition: “Marijuana in its natural form is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man. By any measure of rational analysis, marijuana can be safely used within a supervised routine of medical care.”

The reason behind keeping “supervised” in bold letters is that the dispensary agents need to be fully trained with medical marijuana so that patients can reap proper benefits out of it. Why is it important to get medical marijuana training for dispensary agents?

A large variety of Cannabis makes it a complex medicine

Many medicinal properties reside in cannabis plant which has proved to be beneficial for many dangerous diseases. Many types of research and studies have claimed its excellence and the results have been overwhelming for patients. Keeping in mind the various benefits of Cannabis, it is highly advisable for dispensary agents to get a thorough knowledge of cannabis as medicine. Cannabis is a diverse medicine with its application in myriad medical fields:

  • Cancer;
  • Anxiety and Stress;
  • Chronic Pain;
  • Multiple Sclerosis;
  • Glaucoma and
  • Many more

A dispensary agent should understand how cannabis works within the body and should have proper knowledge of symptoms before recommending the medical cannabis to the patient. He should thoroughly understand the different types of cannabis medicine and should know how to recommend the appropriate Medical Marijuana dosage.

Working at Cannabis Dispensary is a huge responsibility

Do you have enthusiasm and passion for cannabis? Do you have experience working as an agent in the retail sector? Unfortunately, this is not enough to pursue a job of dispensary agent as working at cannabis dispensary puts lots of responsibility on your shoulders. The job will be more than increasing the sales and one should play the role of cannabis encyclopedia in order to be a proper resource for the patients.
Your job is not to sell materialistic things like purses or shoes; you have a responsibility to serve the patients suffering from very serious conditions and illness by selling a medicinal product. So, dispensary agents must be fully equipped with the thorough knowledge to bring the patients out from serious illness to a relief state.

Remaining updated with the legal position of Cannabis is critical

Under the CSA, cannabis is still classified as a Schedule I substance in the USA, so the cannabis industry is highly fluctuating and is risky. The medical use of Cannabis is legal in 29 states.

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The cannabis dispensaries are in direct linkage with cannabis plant so even the cannabis dispensaries are open to strict and harsh regulations made by the government. So, in order to run the dispensary business for a long time with success, it is inevitable to stay in compliance with all the regulations and policies. A dispensary agent has a responsibility to keep himself updated with the legal position of cannabis and its effect on dispensaries in their state specifically.
Many medical marijuana training events are being organized to educate people who have the zeal to work in Cannabis industry. With medical marijuana dispensaries and cultivation getting legalized in Arkansas, lots of job opportunities in this field is expected, so many training events are being conducted for people interested to work in this field.
Corey Hunt, a board member of the Arkansas Cannabis Industry Association said, “A whole lot goes into a dispensary, and so we’re really anticipating maybe 1,500 jobs being created directly from this. We hope this will allow people to professionally and compassionately deal with patients from grandmas with cancer to kids with seizures.”