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Surprising Uses of a Cannabis Plant

Here are some surprising uses of cannabis plant so that you can know the full potential of the plant

Do you think cannabis is only meant for smoking? Or if you are our avid readers, you must be familiar to the medicinal uses of cannabis. This way, most of you might not know that cannabis can be used in construction, dog toys, and fuel. Right?

Surprising Uses of a Cannabis Plant

Here we have rounded up such surprising uses of a cannabis plant.

1.Building Homes:

Hemp fibers can be used as a natural construction material for homes. Also known as the best fiber crop, the outer skin of the plant stem consists of long, strong fibers and a hollow wood like pitch. The processing of the stem provides two materials—fibers and hurds. And both end products are useful in building construction.

Compressed hurds is used to make a variety of wood like products like roofing tiles, wallboard, insulation and bricks, and paneling. The fibers are used with mud for a customized cob style of building. A hemp plywood frame contains hemp hurds along with sand, plaster, lime, cement, and water.

2. Pet Products:

There are many pet product companies which are making pet toys and other products from sustainable hemp and organic wool. They are produced in an eco-friendly way. You must be looking for something that can keep your dog secure, and that will withstand conditions and test of time. Hemp is beneficial as it is more effective than cotton, denim or polyester. Therefore, it is used by the companies to make collars, harnesses, and leashes. As it is easily washable and dryable, it is ideal for making bedding products for the pets.

Hemp can also stand up to damage and moisture, making it an ultimate choice for dog toys. Hemp is stronger than cotton of the same weight and weaves. Generally, dog toys are often discarded after a few weeks of use. Not only it leads to the waste of money, but the toys generally end up in a landfill, and if they’re made of plastic, they don’t break down and cause waste. As hemp is a sustainable choice for dog toys, it is completely biodegradable.

3. Biofuel:

It is more than a necessity to look for biofuels when our traditional fuels are on the verge of extinction.

What about hemp biofuel?

Well, it’s not a novel idea as it was used in the 20th century by Henry Ford in his Model T car. The car could be run on gasoline or hemp-based fuels. However, hemp-based fuel cars were not shot into popularity due to the discovery of large crude oil deposits. According to the researchers at the University of Connecticut, the seeds from cannabis sativa or industrial hemp can make sustainable diesel fuel. Hemp biodiesel made from hemp seed oil can be used in any diesel engine.

4. Food:

Cannabis plant can be a great food source. Hemp seeds can be sprouted or eaten raw. Hemp leaf can be used into a salad. Will it get you high?

Don’t worry. Hemp has 0.3% of psychoactive elements like THC, making it nearly impossible to get high with it. Hemp seeds are high in protein and share a similar amino acid profile to eggs, milk, and meat. They are also loaded with Vitamin B, dietary fiber, zinc, iron, and magnesium. Cold pressed and unprocessed hempseed oil is an excellent source of fatty acids and can be used as food oil.

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So these are some unconventional uses of a cannabis plant. What do you think? Do you know about other uses of the plant? We love to hear from you.