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How to Replace Alcohol with Marijuana

Marijuana is as effective as alcohol when it comes to getting high. Unlike alcohol, it doesn’t pose any serious side effects. In fact, in order to give up on drinking, some people have opted for the controversial step of replacing marijuana for alcohol. This practice is commonly known as marijuana maintenance. Frankly speaking, the goals […]

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How Hemp Seeds Can Benefit Your Health

Did you know that hemp seeds are one of the most nutritious seeds in the world? They are praised for supporting heart health, digestive system, skin, and brain. Hemp seeds are loaded with the concentrated balance of vitamins, proteins, and essential fats. That’s they take care of your overall health. And one more thing—hemp seeds […]

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However, it can’t be denied that these sleeping pills cause unpleasant effects like constipation, poor appetite, burning sensation, dry mouth or throat, dizziness, etc. Even worse, some studies have found that these pills may put you to sleep for good—meaning that they can cost life. No wonder that people are looking for alternative yet safe […]

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