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Top 5 Reasons to Legalize Marijuana

From benefitting health, improving nation’s economy to protecting environment, here are the key reasons to legalize marijuana.

From cannabis, weed, hemp, pot and reefer to stoner’s code words, marijuana has been conferred with many titles. Once thought as unlawful or immoral, the use of marijuana has been getting gradual acceptance from both society and law. Thanks to the scientific studies and health benefits associated with marijuana.

Legalize Marijuana

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According to one study, 64% Americans support marijuana legalization. In fact, their voice is being supported by Republicans. The thriving industry is expected to reach $ 10 billion in 2018. However, it can’t be denied that marijuana is still illegal in 21 U.S. states. This is why marijuana has been legalized in 29 U.S. states for medicinal and recreational uses. And you don’t need doctor’s prescription for that.

Like those 64% Americans, we think that marijuana should be legalized in the rest of US states worldwide as well BECAUSE….

Marijuana Has Medicinal Value:

Marijuana Has Medicinal Value

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This is the prime reason to legalize cannabis across the world. Marijuana has been using for treating several diseases for ages. According to some ancient records, marijuana was used for treating digestive disorders, insomnia, poor memory and rheumatism and gout in the past.

Over the years, many researchers have found that marijuana is a wonderful drug with the ability to treat critical ailments like cancer, AIDS and neuropathic pain. However, many patients may shy away from marijuana due to the stigma associated to it. Therefore, legalizing marijuana can change the perception of people, encouraging them to use it for medicinal purpose.

Marijuana Can Benefit Economy:

Marijuana Can Benefit Economy

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Marijuana can also benefit the nation’s economy. Many US state has seen hike in their revenue after legalizing marijuana. For example, Colorado has earned $25 million dollar from its pot related tax revenue in the first six months of 2014. You can easily imagine how much revenue the nation can generate if all U.S. states nod over legalization of cannabis.

NerdWallet has estimated that the U.S. can have over $3 billion in tax revenue if marijuana is made legal today. This whopping profit can be invested in education, healthcare, infrastructure and citizen’s well-being.

Marijuana is Eco Friendly:

Marijuana is Eco Friendly

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Cannabis plants can grow anywhere, at any climate. Above all, their cultivation is ecofriendly and they don’t require fertilizers or chemicals, unlike most crops.

Moreover, cannabis plant removes the toxins underground (which is called phytomediation), thereby making soil healthier and fertile.

Plantation of cannabis can lower deforestation. Since it grows quicker and in excessive quantity, its fiber can be used to make paper products like cardboard, paper and envelopes. Another reason is that cannabis plant can be a great alternative to cotton as it has stronger and twice more fiber than the latter. This way, it can be used in textile industry. It also minimizes cotton production, which requires huge amount of pesticides and other chemicals.

One more thing—hemp plants are a great source of biomass which can be converted into biodiesel and ethanol. These biofuels leave 80 percent less carbon footprints and sulfur dioxide than traditional fuels.


Marijuana Industry Will Create More Jobs:

Marijuana Industry Will Create More Jobs

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Marijuana is counted among the fastest growing industries in the nation. With 23 states have legalized medicinal cannabis, the industry has seen a dramatic growth in a past few years.

This tremendous growth has translated into more job opportunities in the nation. According to one report, nearly 10,000 new jobs have been created in Colorado since the legalization of marijuana in the state. If cannabis will be legalized in the rest of US states, we can see hundreds of thousands jobs, if not millions. This little contribution from marijuana industry in eliminating unemployment can make a big difference.

Marijuana is Nutritious:

Marijuana is Nutritious

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The seeds of cannabis are nutritious and are packed with calcium, antioxidants, iron and omega 3. Hemp seeds are used in several foods like bars, chips and salads dressing. Many people sprinkle the raw buds of marijuana on the top of their stews, yogurt, pudding and soups.

So you must have understood the benefits of legalizing marijuana across the USA.