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Where to Apply for Medical Marijuana Training in the USA?

Medical marijuana has been legalized in many US states. Besides, many studies have proved that marijuana can be a promising remedy for many health conditions.

The ever-increasing acceptance has triggered a huge growth of an entrepreneurial and medical industry around it. Many businesses want to invest in marijuana. Many people are looking to break into the industry as a cultivator, pharmacist or an employee.

Where to Apply for Medical Marijuana Training in the USA


If you belong to either category, opting for a training program can help you.

And there is no dearth of medical training and education programs across the USA. These courses are also offered online.

Most of the courses are designed to introduce a learner with the practical aspect of the industry. Entering the industry with significant knowledge and experience can help you make a big difference.

Here is a list of universities and institutions offering comprehensive courses in the sales, manufacturing and cultivation of marijuana.

 1. Oaksterdam University:

Situated in Oakland, Oaksterdam University has been a pioneer in the field of cannabis education. It was founded in 2007 and is equipped with an experienced staff of expert instructors. The university only offers classes at it site. Luckily, the university provides online courses developed by leading experts from the cannabis industry. For more information, please visit here

 2. Cannabis Training Institute

The Cannabis Training Institute conducts classes in cities across the United States, though the classes are not available at its site. Teaming up with the Americans for Safe Access organization, the institute offers certification in three courses— Understanding Cannabis Law, Cannabis as Medicine, and The Business of Cannabis.

 3. Cannabis Career Institute

Established by a former faculty at Oaksterdam University, the Cannabis Career Institute conducts seminars across the nation. However, the institute doesn’t offer any courses at its site. It offers certification in programs like cultivation management, cannabis business management, edibles operation, budtending and dispensary management.

 4. Leafy Green Agency

A great place to learn if you are looking to open a marijuana business or find marijuana jobs! Leafy Green Agency conducts seminars across the nation and consulting services to support entrepreneurs.

 5. THC University

THC University provides online, self-paced cannabis courses to people looking to work in the cannabis industry. It also offers training programs to the businesses to help educate their employees. Its certification programs are available for horticulture, budtenders, terpenes etc.

 6. The University of Washington School of Medicine – Medicinal Cannabis and Chronic Pain

The university offers courses to healthcare professionals in two separate categories. The first one offers basic medicinal cannabis education while the second explains the basic practices, including which patients can see improvement from cannabis.

 7. Learn Sativa University

Learn Sativa University is another place to receive marijuana study and training. The university offers both online classes and in-person classes in Orlando, Florida.

 8. The Trichome Institute

The Trichome Institute provides courses online and in person at its Denver, Colorado facility. It has a wide range of courses covering topics like sales, manufacturing and application safety.

 9. Pharmacology University

Pharmacology University not only offers courses in the USA, but also applicant from other countries can apply. The courses have been designed for investors, lawyers and doctors.


This list has covered just some of the marijuana institutes in the nation. They are a great opportunity to get educated on the process, sales and manufacturing of medical marijuana. If they are not available in your area, online courses can help you.