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Why Get Your Medical Marijuana Card Renewed?

Make sure to get your card renewed to continue enjoying the benefits coming with it.

In one of our previous blogs, we guide you on how to get medical marijuana card in California. This blog is for those who think that there is no need to get their medical marijuana card renewed. Or for those who are not aware of the fact that the card should be renewed.

Medical Marijuana Card Renewed

No matter which category you belong to, you should get your medical marijuana card renewed.

And here is how this thing can benefit you…

1.It Saves You Money:

This is the key benefit of getting your card renewed. It helps you keep all of your cannabis product’s costs low. For example, with a medical marijuana card or MMJ card, you don’t need to pay sales taxes on all cannabis products. The sale tax imposed on marijuana can be as high as 15%.

It takes you a reasonable fee between $25 and $40 to get your card renewed annually. And this fee is quickly redeemed by other savings you will get from using your cannabis card. As discussed, there is no need to pay 15% sales tax each time you buy medical marijuana.

It also makes you enable to shop from medical marijuana dispensaries where you can choose from a wide variety of products that fit within your budget.

2. You Can Choose Better Products:

With an MMJ card, you will get better access to higher quality cannabis.

Medical marijuana dispensaries in California often offer a wide variety of products like edibles, oils, and vape with high-quality strains equipped with different THC: CBD ratios. It ensures that you get the products that are more potent and suitable for your treatment.

3. Fewer Restrictions:

A medical marijuana card is a kind of license to buy marijuana in a valid way. It lets you purchase medical marijuana as long as you are 18 years or older. Without a cannabis card, you can’t buy marijuana until you become 21 years old. If you have health issues, you are not likely to wait until 21 to buy marijuana. In this scenario, having an MMJ card makes a difference. With a cannabis card, you can buy and carry as much cannabis as your health condition requires.

Make sure your card is renewed and with you at all times.

4. You Can Grow Marijuana Plants at Home:

Another key benefit of having a medical marijuana card is the freedom to grow more of your own plants. While recreational users are only allowed to grow 6 mature marijuana plants on their space, MMJ card holders can grow more products on their property. It will minimize the needs of buying marijuana as you can meet your needs from these plants.

So these are the benefits of having an MMJ card in California. If your MMJ card has been expired, make sure to get it renewed to save money and buy quality cannabis products.

Getting your marijuana card renewal is easy.

The process requires the recommendation from any licensed doctors.

A doctor will review your medical history documents like follow up cards and prescription to make their recommendation. It can be done both online and meeting a doctor in person. Just find them using Yelp or other local business search engine. Some clinics claim to provide the same day recommendation for the card renewal. However, it is important to know the procedures and conditions beforehand. What do you think? Do you want to ask any questions regarding the renewal of medical marijuana card in California?