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How to Replace Alcohol with Marijuana

Alcohol vs Marijuana

Marijuana is as effective as alcohol when it comes to getting high. Unlike alcohol, it doesn’t pose any serious side effects. In fact, in order to give up on drinking, some people have opted for the controversial step of replacing marijuana for alcohol. This practice is commonly known as marijuana maintenance.

Frankly speaking, the goals of sobriety are not achieved by replacing one psychoactive drug with another. For some, it may be choosing the least evil between the two.

However, it can’t be denied that marijuana has several health benefits like improved cognitive skills, appetite and pain relief.

Here are the ways to replaces alcohol with marijuana.

Try Grapefruit-Flavored Vape Pen Instead of Cocktail:

You will be longing for a glass of margarita when summers are at peak.

Why not go for a grapefruit flavored disposable vape pen instead? It delivers a refreshing burst of citrus with every puff. Make sure it has high CBD ratio if you don’t want to get high.

Prefer CBD Gummies Over Beer:

Beer helps the consumer pace himself. It has relatively low alcohol content than most of the wine and spirits. Whether you are using a can or getting beer straight from a barrel, it depends on you how far you want to take it.

CBD-infused gummies can make a great alternative to beer. They have only 5 mg of CBD a piece, so if you are having a good time at a bar with friends you can use the amounts whatever suits you. Since CBD is less psychoactive, you are less likely to glue to the couch. Make sure to start off small (take a single gummy or even half of it) to determine the effects. If no results, you can increase the amount consumed until you experience the results.

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Kick Start the Party in an Amazing Way with Active Vape Cartridge:

Taking shots can get you into solid or aggressive arguments. Or you can feel vomits or stick to the couch as the party goes on. That will deny you of the real enjoyment of the party. Why not go for such substance that keeps you in the senses while making you feel relaxed?

The solution lies in a tape cartridge. The sativa vape has all the positives of shots. They don’t make you feel nausea or fill your stomach, unlike alcohol.

Another reason for switching from alcohol to marijuana!

Take Tangieland Strain instead of a Glass of Wine:

Being a wine freak, you have a lot to say about the essences and flavors you got in a glass of wine. Marijuana has the same benefits. All you need to use the right strain. Tangieland tastes like wine. Use it to satisfy your craving for a glass of wine.

Bottom Line:

Marijuana, despite the fact that it is a psychoactive drug, is safer than alcohol in many terms. It is less likely to cause harm. Marijuana carries several health benefits. It is fun to try marijuana to experience the same effects. As an added bonus, minimizing drinking improves overall wellness.

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